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If you have followed me or had a yarn with me over the last year or so you would have heard me tell people that mixing down/producing with a subwoofer is a bad idea! A big plain NO.. Don’t do it. Don’t use it. Put it away for goodness sake. Just use it for your DJ setup (which is what i did). The reasons for this decision…

  1.  It makes your ears really tired quick
  2.  It can mask the other frequencies
  3.  It can be a pain to setup up correctly.

However, in the last few weeks I’ve come around to using it again. I make Drum and Bass and so I need the full frequency of sound and this far out weighs any other problems i might have.

My ears would get tired because of listening to long or loud or both. So I’ve been taking more regular breaks.

I’ve also teamed up my Yamaha Hs + Sub setup with my SubPac M2! Which I absolutely love. (I’ll do more of a review on that later)



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